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Benefits and advantages


Easy and quick to assemble

At least one side with 69 cm to allow easy doorway manipulation. 


Weight of each block in between 80kg and 110kg


Easy to carry around and manipulate


Stainless steel exchanger and hydraulic manifolds


Premix modulating burner low NOx, high performance


Smart, variable flow double pumps


Complete electrical cabinet, wired in factory and communicating


Cascade of condensing gas boilers

Hydraulic and gas manifolds in stainless steel


Smart control cabinet


Ready to use heating circuit

T-EASY The modular smart heating solution


T-EASY is a heating solution destined to collective housing. It can develop from 125 kW up to 750 kW.


T-EASY has been designed to optimise the system's performance in terms of heating as well as simplify installation and use. Composed of several light and compact modules, T-EASY is quickly installed and easily transported in any room. 

T-EASY 250 3.png



Collective housing, commercial or industrial premises, ...

Range of power

125 kW to 750 kW

Normalized performances

97 % à 110 % lower net heating value


Natural gas, Propane


Ready to install flue gas collector

Pumps for the heating circuit

Wide range available, the solution can adjust

Control cabinet

Intelligent control of the boiler room with touch screen & remote connection

Heating solutions range

Chaufferie 250 kW 1 circuit
Chaufferie 250 kW 2 circuits
Chaufferie 375 kW 1 circuit
Chaufferie 625 kW 1 circuit

T-EASY blocks are reliable and communicating

The T-EASY concept also includes several blocks for filtering, admission and distribution. The filtering module is mainly built to protect and insure the longevity of the system.


The module presented here presents a magnetic and/or regular filter to prevent the dirt to go in the boilers. It also take cares of the air evacuation automatically and includes the smart controlled water input in the system.


Assembling the solution can easily be done by hand without welding through tri-clamp collars insuring the sealing.


Each modules is controlled by T-SMART which controls the performance and maintenance needs of the heating solutions. 




Stainless steel tri-clamp collars with operating pressure of 50 bars

Insulated stainless steel manifolds

Stainless steel ball valve


Electrical wiring with 2 cables (power and communication)


Pumps and 3 way valve management through T-SMART's interface

Energy consumption's report on screen

Variable pump and motorised 3 way valve

Communication between components via Modbus


Distribution set are adjusted to each project

Kits: 3 way valves, energy meter, double variable pump,...

Modules are delivered ready to install and already electrically wired

Easy assembling procedure through stainless steel connections

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