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T-SMART  The smart control of your performance


No need to design a specific cabinet, all Yahtec solutions are equipped as standard with a control cabinet with T-SMART touch-screen control.

The control system analyzes all the data returned by the boilers, the pumps, the DHW cylinder, the calorimeter, etc., in order to inform the user about the state of the system. Data collection is used to plan the maintenance and maintenance of the facility..

Its intuitive interface, ergonomic and connected via an Ethernet or GPRS network, allows you to know everything instantly on the control screen or on connected devices such as a smartphone, a tablet or a remote PC.



Supervision intelligente de l'ensemble de l'installation chauffage et/ou sanitaire

Smart monitoring of the entire heating solution for better performances

24/7 monitoring of the energy consumption

Control of the concept in the room or on a smartphone/computer, ...


Detailled readings on screen for the settings and status check

Full operations and status history

Alert and push notifications by texts or email. 


Integrated functionalities

​ like cascade, pumps and 3WV management, etc..

Planning of maintenance and visits

Register of all spare parts on screen


Ease of use

Simple programming according to the needs

Complete interface

Control and management of boilers and heating circuits

Secure sytem

Control of safety devices and fast fault viewing

Performance reports

Analysis of energy consumption and personnalized report

Remote management

Communication to different interfaces (smartphone, PC, etc.)

Intelligent supervision

Maintenance and servicing simplified and optimized

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